More than 11,000 accidents occur due to faulty tires every year, according to the NHTSA. It is easy to prevent a tire-related accident by paying close attention to your tires. They’re an important part of your vehicle and it takes such a little amount of time to prevent big damage. A monthly inspection is a good way to stay safe when you’re driving your vehicle. Many signs indicate the need for new tires. Those signs include:

·    Cracks in the tires – even small cracks are big dangers

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·    Bulges and other gouges in the tire

·    Use the penny test to determine tread wear

·    About one pound per square inch of deflation occurs to tires each month. How old are the tires on your vehicle?

·    Are your tires vibrating? This is yet another sign that it might be time to put on new tires.

·    Does it feel like your tires are pulling the vehicle to one side of the road or another? Maybe it is time to replace.

·    Maybe you want new tires for your own peace of mind. Nothing is more comforting than knowing you’re driving safely.

These signs are just some of the many that indicate the need for new tires west seattle. Have you noticed any of these signs when driving your car? Inspect your vehicle and make sure that you replace the tires when the time comes. This is one of the most important components on your vehicle and should be treated as such.

Replace all four tires at one time. By replacing all of the tires at one time, you will prevent uneven driving and potential accidents with the ‘bad’ tires. Plus, it is easier to determine when you need new tires when they’re all changed at the same time. Be sure to research the tire options before spending your money.